Fire on Ice

 – “Beaten, Betrayed, Forgotten – Victorious!”

Based on the life of legendary speed skater Irving Jaffee, who rose from poverty and triumphed over racism and abuse, to become the first Jewish athlete to win gold at the Winter Olympics of 1928 in St. Moritz, Switzerland and in 1932 at Lake Placid, New York.

Stage 32
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2017
Napa Valley Screenwriting Competition 2017
Table Read My Screenplay Contest 2017
Hollywood Hills Screenwriting Competition 2017
Napa Valley Screenwriting Competition 2017
Quarter Finalist WeScreenplay
Semi-finalist Vail Film Festival Screenplay Contest
Semi-finalist Big Break Screenwriting Contest
Quarterfinalist Big Break Screenwriting Contest
WhiskeySlinger Productions

A Jungle Dark

– “Be aware of your ghostwriter, they could come back to haunt you.”

A Jungle Dark is derived from Chapter One of writer’s novel, Mimic.

Winner HHSC 2017


 – “Winning is only the beginning of the nightmare.”

What has worse odds than winning the lottery? For a homeless writer it’s surviving until morning to collect.



 – “Writer’s block has never been a fatal condition, until now.”

The death of a loved one, alcoholism, a bitter divorce, gambling debts, these are a few of the maladies that can cause writer’s block. But one writer’s suffering can create another writer’s opportunity, in this case a mysterious ghost writer, who has the supernatural ability to perfectly mimc any writer’s voice in any language.

Launch Pad Screenwriting Competition 2017
Launch Pad's Top 75 2017
Launch Pad Screenwriting Competition 2017

I Love You More

A brother and sister face a choice that will forever alter their relationship, as they fight to survive in a Denver destroyed by a nuclear terrorist attack, riots, and plague.

Award of Merit 2017
Semi-Finalist_Holly Shorts2014

Bad Karma


Finalist 13 Horror